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This site was built by Universal Geneve watch lovers to help others enjoy the vintage culture surrounding Universal Geneve watches. It is also here to help inform new buyers of what they are getting. The vintage watch buying world is a minefield and the better equipped you are the better chance for a great buying experience.

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We strive to make this the one-stop source for all information Universal Geneve related. The UG Wikipedia if you will. We hope you agree!

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If you enjoy this website, then you will love this book. Pietro Sala has done an incredible job of curating many Universal Geneve references into his book which is highly recommended.

Check out our friends at OmegaForums.net where much of this information is also derived!

Latest News

We have just redesigned and rebuilt the site from the ground up! We have a robust Reference Library now, which we are only continuing to add to in the future. We are covering ALL Universal Geneve watches from the beginning of time until their latest. Please feel free to provide feedback and let us know if you would like to contribute! We are always looking for users to help us write about the history, add documentation, and provide references that we have not included on the site yet.

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